Bride of Christ Tabernacle - About Us


Loving the Lord and One Another is First and Foremost!

Married for nearly 15 years, producing 5 beautiful and very talented children, Bro. Freedom Pike and Sis. Joanne Pike out of reverence for God, extend the Love of Christ they have one for another to the entire church! They are the first to admit that they are not perfect, but that we all, as the Holy Scriptures show, can be made "perfect in love" (see John 13:34; James 2: 1-26; 1-John 4: 16-18)


We Live What We Learn

As mentioned above, the Lord's "New Commandment" is to "Love one another as I have Loved you" (John 13:34). The congregation here not only takes that at face value, but we all earnestly seek to know one another and to help each other in every way we possibly can!

We can't accomplish that just before and after each church service, so we get together periodically to visit each other's homes, other churches, and even take day trips to museums, aquariums, etc.


We Serve a Risen Saviour by Living a Risen Life!

Did you ever wonder exactly what Jesus was really, deeply teaching in Matt. 22: 23-33, where the Sadducees were trying to trap our Lord in a story about a woman who had 7 husbands - brethren who all died in succession, with the woman finally dying herself? They tempted Jesus with the question of whose wife would she belong to in the resurrection?

Did you get our Lord's real meaning of "God is NOT the God of the Dead, but HE IS The GOD of the Living!"?

In other words, the kind of walk we walk demonstrates the kind of God we are really serving! [This is also what Paul meant in 2-Tim. 2: 17-18.] Hello!