Bride of Christ Tabernacle - Liturgy


Our Services (Liturgy)

So what should you expect at a typical service? Well to be perfectly honest, we can't really say. When you come to the Bride Of Christ Tabernacle we hope that the first thing you see is Jesus Christ in action through His people. JESUS is the Head of [t]HIS Church! 

We sincerely pray that when you visit BCT, you will leave feeling the love of Christ in your heart, refreshed in your mind, body, and soul. 

We previously mentioned (on our About Us page), that we strive to be "led by the Spirit" ( Rom. 8:14 ) in our church services and in our daily personal lives with all diligence! 

If you are in need of hope,  desiring more of God's word, or are just looking for more of God's people with whom to fellowship, we'd love to have you visit.

We look forward to seeing you very soon!